Difference between bachelor and master thesis


A Bachelor’s degree can be obtained at universities as well as at colleges. Priority is given to the Bachelor’s practice or practical orientation.

Today, the Bachelor is regarded as a first university degree, the value of which is however controversial (see comments above). He sets the basic condition for obtaining higher degrees – such as the Master. The requirement for the Bachelor is again a university entrance qualification. One should be bachelor’s degree i. d. R. after 6 to 8 semesters have completed.

There are three different Bachelor degrees, depending on the subject:

– Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

– Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and

– Bachelor of Engineering (B. Ing).

Overall, these degrees are modeled on those of the Anglo-Saxon university system in the United Kingdom and the United States of America (USA) and introduced during the à Bologna process.

As already indicated, one can most easily start with a B. A. on the job market. For the other two disciplines, it is better to “get started” right away.

A master’s degree represents the higher level of academic degrees and is equivalent to a previous diploma or master’s degree. He is even more focused on the actual scientific work, while, as already said, the Bachelor is more practice-oriented, usually associated with an internship in a business in the course of the bachelor’s degree.

Further information about the Master Thesis degree can be found here.

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A bachelor thesis roughly consists of three parts:

– Introduction (about 10%): Research question, relevance of the topic, methodology, structure of work.

– Main part (about 80%): presentation of the topic, clarification of the question and presentation of the research results.

– End (about 10%): Summary of the Bachelor Thesis, in which the results are summarized.


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