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For many students, the technical work is the first scientific work. It is often the final thesis of the reformed upper school or the written work, which can be introduced to the high school secondary school.

The topic often develops in agreement between teacher and student. The requirements should be similar to those of a university thesis.

We are happy to help you with the first steps

Write a technical paper: We will gladly help you find, formulate or substantiate a suitable topic for your specialist work.

Gladly we take over your researched literature, – or research literature for you!

Then we can create a outline draft for your work, – or take over and / or revise your work.

We can develop the research question or the goal of your work for you.

And, of course, we will then assist in the implementation of the outline design or in the preparation of your specialist work.

We will gladly prepare a plagiarism test of your specialist work for you.

At regular intervals, you will receive partial deliveries from us, so that you can be constantly convinced of the quality, development and status of your work.

Thus, you can already give us your feedback during the creation.

We settle the partial deliveries with partial payments or installment payments. To order your work, we ask for a deposit.

Thus, we offer a customer-friendly payment method, which is based on the progress of your work.

We are happy to create your work in English!


  • Absolute discretion!
  • Updates on progress via email
  • Partial deliveries by arrangement possible.
  • Apply formatting presets or styles
  • Automated table of contents, list of figures, table index
  • Creation of the bibliography
  • Correct citation
  • Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Creation of a presentation
  • On request plagiarism check
  • Strict adherence to the dates!
  • Trustful cooperation!
  • Motivated & qualified team!
  • Fair price!

Free offer

Our professional ghostwriters are happy to assist you in your work.

Please contact us – or use the comfortable form.

We are happy to advise you on all open questions!

The technical work that you can get written by one of our professional ghostwriters is just a template for your work. These may not be submitted to your school, academy, college, university or other educational institutions. Responsible handling lies with the customer. We assume no responsibility for any negligent use as well as their consequences. Our works merely serve as a sample, template or guide. Nevertheless, many students rely on the experience, know-how and reliability of our ghostwriter.

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